Blue Beach Resort Pranburi Thailand
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Blue Beach Resort monkeys in the national park
Sunset at Blue Beach Resort Bungalows
Blue Beach Resort, Dolphin bay, Thailand
Blue Beach Resort Phu Noi beach
Sam Roy Yod National Park
"Sam Roi Yod National Park"
Kayak around the islands
"Kayak around the islands, for free"
Phu Noi Beach
" Relax on Phu Noi Beach"
National Park
A visit to the national park is highly reccomended.  As well as the mountains and jungle, it has 3 famous caves.  Tham Kaew, Tham Sai, and Tham Phraya Nakhon, the latter being the largest one, made up of 2 caverns and a pavilion, which was built in 1896 for a visit of King Rama V.  Sam Roi Yod also includes Thailand's largest fresh water marsh which is a favourite among bird watchers due to the more than 300 species of migratory birds that can be found there. You can also take a boat trip up the scenic river at Khao Daeng and climb to the spectacular viewpoint. There is a beautiful beach to visit at Laem Sala which is probably the best in the region. Tours can be organised or simply hire a car or motorbike and travel under your own steam.
Kayaking, Boat trips and Fishing
If your are more of a sea-going person why not take advantage of our kayaks?  Free to all guests, they can be taken solo or seat up to 3 people.  We can supply tips and advice on where to go and what to see aswell as instructions on kayaking. The beautiful islands of Koh Ram and Koh Nom Sao (amongst others) are just 20-30 mins paddle from the resort.  Koh Ram is uninhabited apart from a large group of monkeys who are often found searching for shellfish along the shore at low tide. It's a heart warming and rewarding experience seeing them interact and play on the beach. You may also be lucky enough to see the pod of famous pink dolphins that live in the bay at certain times of year. Fishing trips and island tours can also be organised at the resort.
Day Trips
Here at Blue Beach Resort we can organise day trips to many places of interest including, Hua Hin, Pranburi, Khao Kalok (skull mountain), Pak Nam Pran beach, Huaymongkol temple, Pala-u waterfalls, Pranburi forest, Monsoon vineyard amongst others
Or Simply Relax.
If your plan is to just take is easy, why not soak up some sun on a deckchair in our beach area or take a stroll along the long curving sands.  Phu Noi beach is free of the endless sun loungers, jetskis and hawkers found in busier resorts and is a great place for a sunbathe or swim.
Blue Beach Resort Pranburi Thailand